Verification and Validation processes


The verification and validation processes are fundamental aspects that are addressed in the ACCURATE project.   In the context of verification and validation it is of fundamental importance to conduct testing activities based on the ISO 17025:2017. The ISO 17025:2017 standard assists and defines requirements for  laboratories for the control of quality, administrative, and technical [...]

Verification and Validation processes2022-06-28T09:28:38+02:00

ACCURATE showcased its results at the ITS European Congress in Toulouse


ACCURATE consortium had a wide participation at the ITS European Congress, which took place from 30th May to 1st June in Toulouse. Oihana Otaegui (Vicomtech), coordinator of the project, and Marcos Nieto (Vicomtech), technical coordinator, participated in the Technical Programme. Under the topic Driver Advice for Safety, they presented their papers "ACCURATE: multi-sensor fusion [...]

ACCURATE showcased its results at the ITS European Congress in Toulouse2022-08-31T14:20:34+02:00

Benefits of Virtual Testing to create scenarios


CARLA simulator In the frame of the ACCURATE project, virtual testing is a key element because it allows creating scenarios that would be complicated or impossible to realize in real life. It also lowers the cost of setting up complicated real-life scenarios. Finally, there is the ability to close the loop. Indeed, [...]

Benefits of Virtual Testing to create scenarios2022-06-02T15:08:39+02:00

Local Dynamic Map (LDM) demonstration in the European ITS congress


With the aim of testing the Local Dynamic Map (LDM) system in real environment conditions, during the European ITS congress, this year Vicomtech will be doing a demonstration of the implementation to reinforce the new scientific work that will be presented in one of the sessions of the congress: "RTMaps-based Local Dynamic Map for [...]

Local Dynamic Map (LDM) demonstration in the European ITS congress2022-05-09T11:33:22+02:00

How will ACCURATE help detect attacks against GNSS systems?


  Recent events show that attacks against GNSS systems tend to increase both in civilian or military domains. From civilian point of view, advances in digital radio technologies and reduction of equipment costs have made them more popular and accessible to a wide audience. GNSS Spoofing attacks represent a threat in the context of [...]

How will ACCURATE help detect attacks against GNSS systems?2022-03-31T08:11:29+02:00

LiDAR sensors enable highly automated driving


In order to ensure the safety of both the people in an autonomous vehicle and the pedestrians, cyclists and other road users around it, detailed information about the surroundings must be obtained. Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) sensors actively scan the environment with a laser and create a precise 3D point cloud that allows [...]

LiDAR sensors enable highly automated driving2022-03-02T08:45:35+01:00

Hexagon and Valeo demonstrate ACCURATE at CES 2022


  The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place January 5-8, 2022 and featured a live demo from Hexagon | NovAtel with the GNSS-based high-precision positioning technology used by the ACCURATE On-Board Unit (OBU). The positioning technology, embedded within Valeo’s 5G Vulcano Telematics Control Unit (TCU), enabled autonomous driving on public roads during the conference. [...]

Hexagon and Valeo demonstrate ACCURATE at CES 20222022-02-14T11:47:58+01:00

High Precision Positioning On-Board Unit


Figure 1 Lane Change   The ACCURATE project aims to develop a high precision positioning On-Board Unit (OBU) for highly and fully automated vehicles. Such OBU will be capable of providing high levels of accuracy, integrity, availability and reliability, by combining multiple sensors and localisation technologies. The ACCURATE OBU combines GNSS receivers with other [...]

High Precision Positioning On-Board Unit2022-01-31T08:22:00+01:00

New scientific paper published in the Vehicles journal by MDPI


  Vicomtech has submitted a new scientific paper to the Vehicles journal by MDPI, the work “iLDM: An Interoperable Graph-Based Local Dynamic Map”, is already available in the official website. In the framework of the project, the authors have developed a local dynamic map (LDM) implementation as a software solution for cooperative intelligent transport [...]

New scientific paper published in the Vehicles journal by MDPI2022-01-25T09:49:50+01:00

Verification and Validation


The ACCURATE project aims at developing an On-Board Unit (OBU) in the automotive environment to reach the SAE L4 and SAE L5 automated driving levels. SAE L4 and SAE L5 levels require a high level of automated awareness of the vehicles position, velocity, and timing information. To enable the system to receive such information, [...]

Verification and Validation2021-12-20T09:22:11+01:00
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