ACCURATE consortium had a wide participation at the ITS European Congress, which took place from 30th May to 1st June in Toulouse.

Oihana Otaegui (Vicomtech), coordinator of the project, and Marcos Nieto (Vicomtech), technical coordinator, participated in the Technical Programme. Under the topic Driver Advice for Safety, they presented their papers «ACCURATE: multi-sensor fusion for enhanced L4/L5 positioning» and «RTMaps-based Local Dynamic Map for multi-ADAS data fusion», respectively.

Oihana Otaegui (left) and Marcos Nieto (right) from Vicomtech presenting their papers

The presentations aroused a lot of interest and many of those present in the audience came later to the stand that was set up in the exhibition area, where the consortium partners were showing the ACCURATE project.

ACCURATE consortium

The Congress, which attracted more than 1000 people from the smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport sector, was also used to demonstrate the ACCURATE solution, a vehicle highly accurate localization system. The system is built on Valeo’s Vulcano TCU with automotive grade, mass market dual frequency GNSS receiver and MEMS IMU. It runs Hexagon’s Software Positioning Engine and TerraStar X correction service to enable lane level positioning. This is complemented by a Localization Unit that uses computer vision technology to increase the system’s performance including Lidar and radar for map matching and map reconstruction.

«We are proud of the attention the real-life ACCURATE demo attracted at the ITS European congress,» said Marcos Nieto, Director of Connected and Cooperative Automated Systems at Vicomtech. «It’s one of the first times an embedded PPP-based high-precision positioning system is demonstrated along with LIDAR-based perception and digital maps, for a full Local Dynamic Map implementation. This precise positioning and the LDM can foster the development of cooperative automated driving solutions.»

The demonstration was fully booked during the entire Congress. Visitors, who came from different sectors such as automotive, OEMs, technology suppliers and the public sector among others, were very interested in seeing and understanding the solution. The consortium also had the chance to show the results of the project to Carmen Aguilera and Daniel Lopour from the Project Office of EUSPA.

ACCURATE consortium and the Project Office from EUSPA at the stand

From left to right: Didier Gorteman (ERTICO), Oihana Otaegui (Vicomtech), Lisa Boch-Anderser (ERTICO), Marcos Nieto (Vicomtech), Aria Etemad (Volkswagen), Josu Perez (Vicomtech), Hendrik Weber (IKA), Agne Vaitekenaite (ERTICO)

ACCURATE consortium and the Project Office from EUSPA at the live demonstration

Visitors at the live demonstration