The ACCURATE project aims at developing an On-Board Unit (OBU) in the automotive environment to reach the SAE L4 and SAE L5 automated driving levels.

SAE L4 and SAE L5 levels require a high level of automated awareness of the vehicles position, velocity, and timing information. To enable the system to receive such information, e.g., sophisticate timing and absolute position, it is important to include GNSS and EGNSS technologies supporting these functions.

The inclusion of EGNSS, more in particular the Galileo new OSNMA service, and the use of its different L-bands, as well as other GNSS constellations and sensors, support the aim of reaching the required high level of positioning accuracy, availability, reliability, safety, and integrity.

An import component in the development of the OBU is and will be the development of validation and verification test framework.

This will then support the proposal of inputs for standards which can then be used in certification pipelines. For this, test cases including adequate test architectures, test procedures, and pass/fail criteria has to be defined that will be used to test the OBU requirements. NavCert with the contribution of the ACCURATE project partners actively contribute to the identification, elaboration, development of the test cases used during the validation and verification based on its long experience and knowledge in EGNSS.