With the aim of testing the Local Dynamic Map (LDM) system in real environment conditions, during the European ITS congress, this year Vicomtech will be doing a demonstration of the implementation to reinforce the new scientific work that will be presented in one of the sessions of the congress: «RTMaps-based Local Dynamic Map for multi-ADAS data fusion».

Vicomtech is working towards developing an LDM that will be part of the on-board system of the vehicle, and will provide precise information about the status of the surroundings. This information can be related to the context (weather, constructions, etc.) or the dynamic objects moving near the ego-vehicle. The LDM reads information from map services, perception systems and V2X communication channels in order to maintain a live database with local information of the scene. For the demonstration, the Vicomtech test vehicle will be circulating around a concrete area of Toulouse and the instantaneous position perceived by the high-precision positioning system will be shown in a real-time dashboard.

The platform is also prepared to support ADAS/AD functions implemented using RTMaps. The utilisation of real-time multi-sensor middleware such as RTMaps solves the programmatic interconnection between components. Using the middleware, an integrator can easily plug map, communications, and sensing data into the LDM component. Hence, as the project maturity increases the implementation of an applications such as Vehicle Discovery service (VDS) can be build using the information of LDM.