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How will ACCURATE help detect attacks against GNSS systems?


  Recent events show that attacks against GNSS systems tend to increase both in civilian or military domains. From civilian point of view, advances in digital radio technologies and reduction of equipment costs have made them more popular and accessible to a wide audience. GNSS Spoofing attacks represent a threat in the context of [...]

How will ACCURATE help detect attacks against GNSS systems?2022-03-31T08:11:29+02:00

High Precision Positioning On-Board Unit


Figure 1 Lane Change   The ACCURATE project aims to develop a high precision positioning On-Board Unit (OBU) for highly and fully automated vehicles. Such OBU will be capable of providing high levels of accuracy, integrity, availability and reliability, by combining multiple sensors and localisation technologies. The ACCURATE OBU combines GNSS receivers with other [...]

High Precision Positioning On-Board Unit2022-01-31T08:22:00+01:00
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