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Verification and Validation processes


The verification and validation processes are fundamental aspects that are addressed in the ACCURATE project.   In the context of verification and validation it is of fundamental importance to conduct testing activities based on the ISO 17025:2017. The ISO 17025:2017 standard assists and defines requirements for  laboratories for the control of quality, administrative, and technical [...]

Verification and Validation processes2022-06-28T09:28:38+02:00

Benefits of Virtual Testing to create scenarios


CARLA simulator In the frame of the ACCURATE project, virtual testing is a key element because it allows creating scenarios that would be complicated or impossible to realize in real life. It also lowers the cost of setting up complicated real-life scenarios. Finally, there is the ability to close the loop. Indeed, [...]

Benefits of Virtual Testing to create scenarios2022-06-02T15:08:39+02:00
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