Next generation positioning OBU for enabling highly automated driving


This European Project led by Vicomtech kicked off in September 2020 with the objective of developing a high precision positioning automotive system for enabling the development and deployment of complex automated driving functions.

The future of Mobility

In five years, autonomous driving (AD) has moved from “maybe possible” to «now commercially available.» Every significant automaker is pursuing the technology, eager to rebuild itself and not to lose the opportunity of the new autonomous market opportunities. Driverless technology is expected to add 7 Trillion USD to the global economy and save hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few decades. Simultaneously, it will cause wholesale upheaval in the automotive industry and its secondary and tertiary sectors, among other players.

Accurate GNSS based positioning technology will be a key factor for high levels of automation

  • Development of close to production automotive onboard unit (OBU) prototype for EGNSS based positioning.

  • Use of accuracy and integrity of the EGNSS components and services in a multi system and multifrequency specially taking advantage of E5a and E5b.

  • Hybrid implementation of differential GNSS techniques, PPP (Precise Point Positioning) and/or RTK (Real Time Kinematic), inside OBU.

  • Tight fusion of on-board perception sensors (including LiDAR, camera, radar) and OBU precise position outputs for localization and mapping.

  • Handling adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, …) by utilizing EGNSS that is not impacted by weather

  • A level of confidence on the position level that is based not only on EGNSS measurements (as traditional integrity parameters do) but on the combination of all positioning information sources and enhanced maps.

  • Integration with the vehicle Telematics and Control Units.

  • Safety-critical approach from design: certification in accordance with the automotive industry functional-safety standard ISO 26262.

  • Inclusion of EGNSS technologies in L4 and L5 validation and certification pipelines.

  • Design and calculation of impacts and parameters required from the positioning system and how data fusion an other positioning systems will ensure the localization level required to enable L4 and L5.

  • Urban/Highway scenario capable. In highway environments, EGNSS plays more role and in urban environments perception sensors.

ACCURATE will study how to include the EGNSS based positioning technologies in the validation channel by making use of the advanced simulation and scenario generation tools, since the increased complexity in validating emerging technologies implemented in Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) vehicles is one of the biggest barriers for its market introduction.