CARLA simulator

In the frame of the ACCURATE project, virtual testing is a key element because it allows creating scenarios that would be complicated or impossible to realize in real life. It also lowers the cost of setting up complicated real-life scenarios. Finally, there is the ability to close the loop. Indeed, the data sources can be modified after actions on actuators. Consequently, algorithms can be tested in ways which is impossible to do with real data set testing (the data sources cannot be modified).

That is the reason why the CARLA simulator has been used and connected to RTMaps through PythonBridge component. The co-simulation between the two software environments is done thanks to TCP connection and the python CARLA IP. Virtual sensors are exposed to RTMaps so that images, lidar point clouds, IMU data can be used for real-time processing. In the opposite direction, RTMaps can send commands to interact on vehicles in the simulation. Benefits for ACCURATE of such tools is of course faster development but also easier collaboration between partners, as everyone can participate.