Valeo and Hexagon demonstrated the high precision positioning system of the ACCURATE at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

The system was built on Valeo’s Vulcano TCU with automotive grade, mass market dual frequency GNSS receiver and MEMS IMU. It ran Hexagon’s Software Positioning Engine and TerraStar X correction service to enable lane level positioning. The demonstration did not only visualize the accuracy of the system in real time on public roads but also Protection Levels which are the functional safety features to enable highly automated driving. The ACCURATE OBU is being designed for L4/L5 autonomous driving and will rely on a highly precise and safe absolute positioning amongst other sensors.

The demonstration vehicle was fully booked throughout the entire congress. Visitors were very interested in seeing and understanding the solution. They did not only come from the Automotive Industry incl. Car Makers and Technology Providers, but also for example from Railway, Aerospace, and the public sector.