Accurate has gathered high-level partners to develop an on-board positioning unit that enables highly automated driving

The Accurate project is led by Vicomtech, an applied research technology centre specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision & Interaction . This technology centre located in San Sebastián, Spain, is contributing his experience in computer vision for the integration of sensors and understanding of the environment, as well as the fusion of geolocated data to generate dynamic local maps. In addition, it is in charge of the design and and dissemination tasks of the ACCURATE System.

Involved in the project are also two French partners: France Developpement Conseil and Intempora, and two German partners: Navcert GmbH and Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH.

France Developpement Conseil (FDC), is an independent Paris-based SME created with the objective to support national and European institutions with technical expertise on space applications and security. FDC is bringing to the project its expertise developing secure GNSS modules for critical application ensuring that ACCURATE is secure from design. FDC will contribute mainly through enabling the use of its hardware solutions for testing the potential EGNSS threats.

Intempora, a French software editor, is the leader in the software architecture and unit design tasks due to their expertise on software development. Additionally, is bringing to the project RTMaps as Middleware for synchronizing all the sensors deploys in the vehicle providing a reliable timestamping for fusing the sensors inputs.

NavCert GmbH, a Germany technical service provider offering technical and strategic consulting as well as certification, is supporting the development process already during specification ensuring that the final GNSS application is providing the anticipated performance in terms of accuracy and robustness. Following the development process, NavCert assists in component and integration testing and provides a well-known and thrusted certification mark certifying the measured performance level.

Valeo is an automotive supplier partner to all automakers worldwide. Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of Intuitive Driving.

Valeo Schalter und Sensoren has the primary role of to develop the automotive grade positioning unit capable of being integrated in the control unit of any vehicle. Valeo is also implementing the final solution into their Drive4U platform to demonstrate the positioning precision and how this leverages the automotive automation levels L4 and L5.

Valeo Vision is resposible of including EGNSS solution in their automated driving platform by fusing the data with the one provided by other sensors. The Valeo Vision Group will compute the situation based on computer vision algorithms and thanks to the enhance positioning the vehicle will be able to handle manouvers and recompute the driving trajectories on the fly.