Experience Accurate Solution


Our partners Hexagon | Novatel and Valeo will be at CES Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th 2022 delivering an innovative live demo and representing ACCURATE project.

ACCURATE system is built on Valeo’s Vulcano TCU with automotive grade, mass market dual frequency GNSS receiver and MEMS IMU, and it runs Hexagon’s Software Positioning Engine and TerraStar X correction service to enable lane level positioning.

The demonstration will show a highly precise GNSS based positioning system for autonomous car of the future. The system adds the required safety and accuracy by providing a guaranteed position for next-generation connected services such as safety-related V2X applications, lane level navigation, and autonomous driving.

If you are at CES Las Vegas take a ride and discover how precise positioning technologies are enabling the future of connectivity, today! You can register here.